Some reasons why an interim marketing executive might be the right choice for your organization:



Adding a high-level marketer to your team will exceed $150,000. Most companies for that reason downgrade to a manager or director experience level option. An interim marketing manager enables you to secure the skills of a highly experienced professional to fulfil the actual needs of your organization without the added costs.


Interim executives are a variable cost, not fixed overhead. In addition, they offer flexibility in terms of availability, working hours, work location and role. 

Fresh Ideas

Another benefit of hiring an interim executive is the experienced, independent view they bring to the table. With no history or axe to grind, they can boost the morale of the team and provide tangible short-term solutions or longer term strategies. 


To give your company or team some breathing space during the recruitment of a permanent executive or a period of temporary absence of an existing executive and be a mentor to your existing marketing team. 

Change Management

Startups, new business development, new or restructured management and changing policies are all productive areas for an interim marketing professional. 

Boost Sales

To assist in the development of a marketing strategy, positioning, targeting and lead generation. 

Typically, an interim director or manager is employed for a number of different reasons: 

  • Part-time executive team member

  • Branding and positioning

  • CEO advisor

  • Mentor for an existing marketing team

  • Marketing function setup including recruitment, planning & process.

If you would like to explore how we could play a vital role in your organisation, please get in touch.